Joel Torgeson

Joel is a Champion West Coast Swing dancer and active competitor in the Showcase routine division, and he dances all over the country (and world!) for fun. Originally trained in Ballroom dancing, he loves teaching workshops, especially concept-based ones, and has started experimenting with short collaboration videos as a way of promoting WCS to new groups of people. 

John Piper_edited.jpg

John K. Piper

Piper is also a Champion and has been teaching West Coast swing on the national level for the past ten years. He began his dance journey as a high school student dancing with the Paradise dancers. He has competed, choreographed, and won countless awards in Showcase, Team Routines, Classic, Rising star, Pro-am, and Champions Jack and Jill. He is best known for social dancing and building community. Dance to him is about connection and allowing dancers to share their art with each other. 


Melissa Rutz

Melissa began her training at age four at Star Dance Studio in San Francisco. While studying Lindy Hop for three years, Melissa dabbled in the social West Coast Swing scene. It wasn't long before she found an intense passion for WCS due to the versatility of the dance and the music. Currently, Melissa teaches, competes, judges, choreographs, and performs all over the world. She is ranked among the top WEST COAST SWING dancers in the world and has won numerous champion level competitions including Showcase Swing, Classic Swing, Strictly Swing, Team, and Jack & Jill Competitions. 


Michael Kielbasa

Michael has been training and dancing for the past 20 years, in most styles of Partner Dancing. He is considered one of the top Champion West Coast Swing dancers in the world. Michael has been traveling, teaching and performing not only in the United States but in countries like Canada, France, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Brazil and Australia. He is known for his instruction, choreography, unique style, approach and quality. Michael is dedicated to the growth of WCS as a fun and exciting social activity for everyone to enjoy.


Austin Kois

Austin Kois is a Champion level West Coast Swing dancer. He started dancing West Coast Swing nearly 10 years ago in the San Francisco Bay Area thanks to his mother. Dancing for him was and is always about making friends and having a great time doing it. He strives to have enjoyable, connected, and creative social dances and to enjoy connecting and dancing with people from around the world.

Estelle Bonnaire.jpg

Estelle Bonnaire

Estelle Bonnaire is a Champion level West Coast Swing dancer. She is from Montpellier, France and is now living in Northern California. She teaches, judges and competes regularly. (More info to come)